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Clinical Trials: The Generation Program Across Tennessee

Researchers are trying to find a way to delay or prevent Alzheimer’s, but they need your help. Find out if you are eligible for the Generation Program, an effort of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative that will involve thousands of people across the country.


Sites in Tennessee are now recruiting people who have NO symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but who may be at higher risk for developing the disease due to age, family history, or because of their genetic background. If you are between the ages of 60–75, you may be eligible to participate.


They're not looking for people with Alzheimer’s, but rather those with a specific form of a gene that can increase the risk of developing the disease.  Not everyone will have this.   That’s why they'll need you to take a quick cheek swab test before you can be enrolled, just to see if you’re eligible for the trial.  (If you have this gene, it doesn’t mean you will develop the disease. However, it does mean you are at more risk than those without the gene.) 


Only with your help will the trial have the chance to succeed.


“The previous generation is known as the greatest generation,” says Janice Wade-Whitehead, President and CEO of Alzheimer’s Tennessee. “But the baby boomers could be known as the generation that makes the greatest impact to cure Alzheimer’s, one of the most dreaded diseases of our time.” 


The Generation Program across Tennessee

Knoxville         VRG/NOCCR (housed in UT Medical Center)  (865) 305-3784.
Nashville         The Center for Cognitive Medicine                 (615) 936-0231.
Memphis         Clinical Neuroscience Solutions                      (901) 843-1045.


Or visit for sites outside of Tennessee and details.


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