Alzheimer's Tennessee, Inc. – Support, Education and Research for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
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Risk Factors Associated with Alzheimer's disease

Did you know there are only two risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease that we can’t control: age and genetics.

Other risk factors are under our control.

In June of 2024, Alzheimer's Tennessee presented a two part webinar series exploring what you can do to reduce your own risk. We brought together experts in medicine, nutirtion, hearing, movement, music and pets to provide advice on a wide range of topics.

Part One addresss what genetic risk really means, plus the impact of sleep, and other health conditions Expert presenters also look at the relationship between hearing and dementia as well as the impact of diet and inflammation.

Part Two's panel of experts teach some simple ways to enhance brain health daily by adding music, movement, animals and laughter every day.

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