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Alzheimer's Tennessee 500

Alzheimer’s Tennessee 500

Race to Make Alzheimer's a Memory

October 2019

Did you know it’s 500 miles across the state?

To commemorate families in Tennessee living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, the Alzheimer’s Tennessee 500 starts with an online “race” to raise awareness and funds.

Join the race by making a donation and showing your support.

Donate HERE Today!
Show your support in the Race to Make Alzheimer's a Memory.

 Alzheimer's Tennessee is proud to share that $.85 of every dollar raised is directly re-invested in research, programs and services that benefit Tennesseans.

Since this race needs a winner, when you donate, you can choose to select which region (and Walmart store) you want to receive "credit" for your support.


Walmart "Pit Stop" Celebrations: Oct. 20-23, 2019

Join Walmart Associates and Court Clerks across the state at 12 Regional Pit Stops from Memphis to Bristol featuring Fun, Food, and Entertainment!

The Alzheimer's Tennessee Purple Pace Car will "connect" the Pit Stops by making the 500 mile trip across the state.

Each Pit Stop celebration is unique - with food and festivities. Plus surrounding Walmart stores and supporters have the opportunity to present their contributions and learn more about Alzheimer's and the services provided by Alzheimer's Tennessee.


Ride along! (virtually)

Follow us at and "tune in" to see live updates during the Alzheimer's Tennessee 500!


Why Alzheimer’s Tennessee 500?

Every mile will help Alzheimer’s Tennessee expand its services across the state (approximately 500 miles from East to West) and provide more education for family and professional caregivers, enhanced support services, brain-healthy initiatives and funding for advocacy and research.


Please feel free to call Alzheimer’s Tennessee toll-free at 888.326.9888 and ask for Amanda Armstrong, Larry Effler or Kay Watson

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