Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. – Support, Education and Research for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

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Ways to FUNdraise Now

FUNdraising helps support Alzheimer’s Tennessee’s mission and also offers an opportunity for Walkers and Walk Teams to raise awareness and have some FUN doing it.

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Flock to Show You Care


Let the Alzheimer’s Tennessee flock of flamingos deliver a special message and help show someone you care!

Send a “Thank You” to the healthcare heroes on the front lines, especially those caring for your loved ones. 

Click here or visit to make a donation, and volunteers will help these colorful birds migrate to the lawn of your choice. (You can choose to credit a walker or team.)


Teams can also request to adopt a flock as a FUNdraiser.

Teams can adopt a “flock” (for a pre-determined time based on availability) and choose to implement Plan A or B explained below. Please contact your regional Alzheimer's Tennessee office to make plans to adopt a flock.


PLAN A: Accept Pre-Orders 

If accepting pre-orders, publicize in advance what dates you will have the birds, ask for donations and flocking pre-orders, and organize a schedule and needed helpers.  

Ask donors to contribute online to your individual or team walk page, and then submit their Flocking Order Form indicating who they would like flocked and when. (You may also choose to accept checks or cash with the form).  FlockingOrderForm_StatewideUpdated20May2020.pdf

Include a Congratulations, You’ve Been Flocked Form if appropriate when delivering. PreOrder_Youve been flocked_updated20May2020.pdf


PLAN B:  Flock in “Good Faith” 

Brainstorm and develop a list of potential flocking targets, including addresses and phone numbers.  (Think about lawns w/ high visibility and owners w/ a good sense of humor!)  

Develop a schedule and plan for where and when the birds will land on the selected lawns – and who will help move them from lawn-to-lawn.

Designate someone to keep track of the funds collected from those being flocked.

Determine requested donation amounts, and make copies of the below “You’ve Been Flocked” Info sheet to deliver with the birds.

You've been flocked West_updated20May2020.pdf

You've been flocked TriCities_updated20May2020.pdf

You've been flocked SouthCentral_updated20May2020.pdf

You've been flocked MiddleTN_updated20May2020.pdf

You've been flocked Knox_updated4May2020.pdf

You've been flocked Cumberlands_updated20May2020.pdf

You may also share the Flocking a Friend form below to deliver with the birds, in case your "target" wants to donate extra to send the birds to someone else's lawn. 

Flocking a Friend Order Form Updated May2020.pdf


Tips for flocking:

  • Flocks should remain in each yard for approximately 24 hours…
  • You may want to wear Alzheimer’s Tennessee WALK T-shirts while setting out each “flock” and take pictures to “capture the moment” and share on Facebook, tagging Alzheimer’s Tennessee with #Flocked
  • Please remember to be good neighbors and take care when placing the flamingos on other people’s lawns or yards.  If they are placed too close to the road, we have noticed that sometimes birds disappear.

Marathon to Make Alzheimer's a Memory

Yes, YOU can do a Marathon!

The Marathon to Make Alzheimer’s a Memory is unique. You can WALK 26.2 miles over the course of several weeks — perhaps 1 mile per day.

Ask 8 people to each donate $1/mile or $26.20. (If you have 26 friends, you could ask each to contribute $8
— and you will still reach a personal goal of raising $200+.)

Letting people know YOU are doing a Marathon should get some attention, right? 

First steps:

  1. If you haven’t already, visit and sign up for the Walk in your community. Start a Team and invite your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors (who may also be out walking more these days) to Join Your Team.
  2. Reach out to donors by email, letters and on Facebook. Check out this sample to get you started.
  3. Start walking and share updates, pictures and selfie-videos of you walking with a link to your individual Alzheimer’s Tennessee walk fundraising pages.
  4. Track your mileage on your phone, watch or use this provided table 


Remember: Living with Alzheimer’s disease is not a sprint — it’s a marathon

Social Media Takeover:

“Donate” your social media for a day
to Make Alzheimer’s a Memory

Let’s see how many people and businesses will use the same "badge" as a profile picture on their social media pages.


Plus Post!

Throughout the day, create posts and explain why you support the walk with a link to donate to your walk fundraising page. Include pictures of loved ones who have been touched by Alzheimer’s, past walk pictures, and selfies of you walking outside in your favorite Alzheimer’s Tennessee t-shirt.


The more posts the better.

If you have more than one social media account, try posting on each one to reach different audiences. If you have more than one person in your life who has been affected, make a post for each one.

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