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How can you help fight Alzheimer’s disease?

Your donation is key to Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc.’s mission is to serve those facing Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, to promote brain health through education, and to champion global prevention and treatment efforts.

You can support the cause in several ways: make a general donation, donate in support of a WALKer, make your donation a memorial or tribute to honor a friend or family member.

Your gift will make a difference in the lives of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and encourage research to improve treatment, care and prevention. Donations are tax-deductible.

Donate Online

Make your Annual Gift

You will have the option of designating an honoree for your online donation and providing that individual’s or family’s contact information for us to notify them of your gift.
If you are interested in supporting a participant in an Alzheimer’s WALK, please click here.


Donate by phone:

(865) 544-6288

Donate by mail

Send a check to: 

Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc.
5801 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

Memorial Gifts

If someone dear to you has lost the battle to Alzheimer’s, the Memorial Gift program is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of your loved one, while creating hope and support for others fighting the disease. Memorial gifts may be made by check or credit card.  Please make checks payable to Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. and mail to:

Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. East TN Office
5801 Kingston Pike 
Knoxville, TN 37919

Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. Cumberlands Office
1459 Interstate Dr.Ste 211
Cookeville, TN 38501

When making a memorial gift, please provide the following information:

• Name of memorialized individual
• Name and address of family member to which the notice of your gift will be sent.
• Your contact information (name, address, phone number) so that receipt of your gift may be acknowledged.

Legacy Circle

Members of the Legacy Circle are compassionate individuals dedicated to provide support and assistance to persons with Alzheimer’s disease and their families.

You may qualify for membership in the Legacy Circle by one or more of the following:

• Insertion of a clause in your will or codicil that will ensure that a lasting gift will be made to Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc.
• A gift from tax deferred assets such as IRAs, 403(b), 401(k), or a tax deferred annuity.
• The designation of the Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. as a co-beneficiary or beneficiary in an insurance policy.
• A trust agreement with the Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. providing you increased spendable income during your lifetime with Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. as beneficiary.
• A gift of residence or farm where you retain all rights and uses during your lifetime.

For more information on becoming a member of the Legacy Circle, call (865)544-6288.


Rosemary Circle

Rosemary has been used as an emblem of remembrance throughout our folklore.  In keeping with this tradition, we’ve adopted this symbol in recognition of a select group who’ve made an exemplary commitment to those who can no longer remember due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Membership in the Rosemary Circle is an honor reserved for individuals, businesses, and private foundations whose annual gifts, excluding special events such as the Alzheimer’s WALKs, to Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. reach a cumulative level of at least $500 during a fiscal year (July 1-June 31). 

Gifts may be made in honor or memory of the person of the donor’s choice.Rosemary Circle

Levels of Giving:

$5000 & above

Platinum Member

$2500 – $4999

Gold Member

$1000 – $2499

Silver Member

$500 – $999

Bronze Member

Membership Benefits:

• Timely research updates
• An invitation to the annual Rosemary Circle event
• Courtesy subscriptions to Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. publications

For more information on becoming a member of the Rosemary Circle, call

(865) 544-6288.

Steps to Give A Gift of Stock to Alzheimer’s Tennessee

1.)    Instruct your stock broker / banker by telephone and follow up with a letter to have the stock electronically transferred to the Alzheimer’s Tennessee account.  Our brokers’ contact information is as follows:

Don Taylor

TrustFirst, Inc.

Phone: (865) 583-7390

Fax:  (865) 583-7398

Clearing firm:  Pershing, LLC

DTC#:  0443Account: Alzheimer’s Tennessee

Account Number    3JD-011769

Contact: Terri Nations, Operations Manager (Ext 27)

Alzheimer’s Tennessee Tax ID#   62-1206312


2.)    Please contact Janice Wade-Whitehead at 865.544.6288 or advising us of your gift.


3.)    Follow up with a letter containing:

  • Name of the stock and number of shares
  • Your name, address and phone number
  • The date of the gift

Email to:

or mail to:   Alzheimer’s Tennessee

ATTN: Janice Wade-Whitehead

5801 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN  37919


Note: Please send the stock certificate(s) plus a signed stock power under separate cover to the above address.  The donor’s signature must be notarized or guaranteed by a bank officer or stockbroker.  Please mail the stock power under separate cover.  In case of loss or theft, the stock cannot be transferred without both documents.


Take steps to stop Alzheimer’s at a regional Alzheimer’s WALK.

Walk, donate, volunteer HERE

To become a Sponsor, please Contact Us Today

Special Events

Make your contribution to the cause by participating or sponsoring one of our upcoming special events, including the MemoryLinks Golf Classic Tournament.

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5801 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
Alzheimer's of Tennessee - East TN Office
Cumberlands Office:
1459 Interstate Dr. Ste 211
Cookeville, TN 38501 Alzheimer's of Tennessee - Cumberlands Office
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